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Dr. Wanda J. Evans-Brewer

My greatest wish is that those who find this page will explore the articles and the video files with an understanding that in spite of the inherenetly sad nature of the content, no sympathy is required. In fact, I pray the readers come to view the experiences shared as more a story of Victory as opposed to a story of victimization. After-all, as one of my grad students so eloquently noted "God gives the hardest battles to the strongest warriors."


Although I never would have sought out this challenge, I am honored to "Suit up and Boot up" and enter the battle. Thus, in this season, I have been divinely selected to step forward in full armor, and discuss with integrity and transparency the negative results of corporatization on higher education. I am one of an elite team of professors willing to set aside our fears, frustration and disappointment in hopes of exposing the hypocrisy at the core of adjunct treatment for example, we are being asked to inspire young people to seek education with the belief that it will guarantee a career, while we, ourselves,  struggle to make a living wage. Ironic isn't ?  Please know that any thing posted here is being done with complete humility or as a teacher described a "Controlled Strength."


In spite of having been inadvertedly thrown into poverty, I have nothing to lose. I would even go further and declare that it has been in my loss that I have gained tremendously. A clear advocates voice; one that wants the world to know that what is happening to the adjunct is Wrong and PhD and Poverty should never exist in the same sentence. I am confident that most would agree after all, "Teaching is the noblest of Professions."


Today, I continue to teach, write and joyously run my internet radio show. To suppliment additional income I babysit, consult and drive Uber. I count it all joy.  In fact, I praise the Lord for those opportunities because they have allowed me to continue to take care of my family. I have long concluded that "God hasn't directed me to lay down and die." So I battle…I use all my intelligence, creativity  and resourefulness in order to take care of my family without losing my integrety  As such, I have taken up the charge of being a truth teller; not only for me, but for every adjunct being demoralized by the corporatization of higher education. 


This page is dedicated to those who once delighted in sharing knowledge while leading learners to discovery; to those professors who have found themselves contemplating leaving the profession because they can not earn a living wage;for those students who have struggled to keep up with the raising cost of tuition only to discover that their money is not being used on direct instruction but instead is being diverted into the salaries of college presidents, deans and provosts or worse, a new football field. In short, this page is dedicated to you because you cared enough to click the link to learn more about one of America's "dirty little secrets" professors barely able to survive because of university greed.


In Solidarity, 

Dr. Wanda

The Age of the

Adjunct / Education Summit

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