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Surface Dirty

Surface Dirty is a combination of prose, poetry and text messages. As much as it is a memoir about life after the dissolution of a marriage and an unexpected journey into the millennium dating scene, it also seeks to answer questions that help individuals navigate relational waters. Since its publication, I have performed select pieces and held quaint discussion circles however as a culminating activity, it is my hope to hold a focus group with a sample of random men willing to honestly discuss the questions raised in the book.

Simply Loc

This book as a sort of love letter to every Black girl who cried when she sat getting her hair combed, grimaced when she was accidently burned by hot irons, or pouted when her hair style was ruined by rain, sleet, or powerful wind; This book for the Black girl who has felt ashamed when her rubber bands, hair glue or tight braids broke off her edges or felt humiliated when one of her extensions came out. This book is for the Black girl who thinks she’s ugly unless she has weave in her hair. Lastly, this book is for the Black girl that looks in the mirror every day and struggles to see beauty because her hair is neither straight nor blond. I know your struggle and your story. It seeks to encourage a return to natural hair care while supplying tried and true tips to grow and maintain ones hair over a lifespan.

Purple Petals Bruised Flowers

Purple Petals Bruised Flowers “A Mentors Journey”—a blend of poetry and prose that chronicles lessons learned the first year of establishing a support group for teen girls experiencing or exposed to intimate partner abuse inside a public high school in Chicago.


Wanda Evans writes a compelling memoir, which takes a direct look at the growth, and healing that can occur when everyday people step forward and share their own insecurities, frailties, and pain. It explores the indescribable successes and the unpredictable letdowns of a teacher that saw a problem and said no to overtime and yes to mentoring, only to discover that just because it is one decides to do outreach does not mean that youth will automatically reach back. What started as an uphill struggle evolved into something to fight for, and ultimately lead to greater wisdom and understanding of the complexities of mentoring and the human heart.

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