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Be Crowned In Glory

We invite you to a sisterhood filled fellowship with your girlfriends while embracing the beautiful Black woman you are.


A Rap & Wrap Party are a special and fun time to bond with your girlfriends, co-workers or family! This intimate gathering will leave you educated and empowered along you with beautiful matching earrings using cloth made by you and inspired with plenty of lasting memories.

What you can expect:

  • Learn about the history of HeadWraps and how to create 5 HeadWrap Styles

  • Choice of patterned fabrics and repurposed cloth

  • Create a pair of matching earrings using cloth

  • Music

  • All materials included

  • Hostess will receive a complimentary "Naps on the Nile Nubian Beauty Box"

  • $10 per person

These parties are perfect for:

  • Helping or Fundraising a Cause

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Girls Night In

  • Bridal Party

  • Mother's Day

  • Just Because

Simply follow the steps below to schedule your very own Rap & Wrap Party today!

From Dou-Rags 



Learn how to make and wear head wraps with Dr. Wanda!

STEP 2: Secure Your Session 

STEP 3: Let Us Do The Rest & Get Ready To Party!

STEP 1: Schedule Your Rap & Wrap Party

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