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The Heart of Synergist Consulting


It has been said that seeking a doctorate is the loneliest journey. I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. I began Synergist Consulting after realizing the inherent intensity of both thesis and dissertation writing. With that in mind, I concluded that they are better achieved when academics and life coaching are combined. This issue is one that most universities fail to address. It is my heart’s desire to fill in that much needed gap by offering academic coaching, writing assistance, dissertation support, or encouragement.


No one should have to give up because of a weakened spirit and you do not have to walk the academic journey alone. Synergist Consulting aims to help learners press through procrastination, fear, writer's block or any other issues that seems to be hindering their ability to reach their academic goals.


Need support with…


  • Academics

  • Career Changing

  • Life Skills

  • Personal Growth


Contact us for a 30 minute FREE phone consultation. We are eager to listen to your concerns so that we can development a plan for academic completion.

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